We’re Community Driven

Unlike most developments making the cryptocurrency world dark, Bitcoin Air is community driven and strives on bringing as many community voted changes to our development as possible! This means that every persons voice can cause a lasting ripple within Bitcoin Air.

We Give Global Solutions

Bitcoin Air seeks to provide a global payment solution that can completely solve the issue with international money transfer and secure payments. By founding our principals on community efforts and worldwide solutions, we are guiding our path to a multicultural and diverse belief system that can aid any and all in need.

Community Driven


Globally Focused


Transparent Business Model


The power of the Blockchain is endless and Bitcoin Air plans to implement this scalability to our payment solutions. We will make things like Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, and Atomic Swap primary features to our NFC Application, while implementing a new custom side chaining procedure dedicated to preserving merchant earnings and creating an internal cryptocurrency backed reserves system.


Revolutionary Blockchain Approach

By combining both the feature-rich, and populated base of Bitcoin and Peercoin (BTC and PPC) with Haven Protocol (XHV) Privacy Focused Options, Bitcoin Air will offer not only the most secure value preserving method for cryptocurrency, but also the most innovative and useful currency of its time through the implementation of Segregated Witness, Atomic Swap, Lightning Network, and Hybrid Dynamic Proof of Stake/Proof of Work Consensus.

User-Friendly Mobile Application

Using the Air Mobile Application will be a breeze. We are dedicated to creating a simple, jet-stream merchant and consumer system for the everyday individual. This means that anybody can access and store their funds securely using the Air Application. Send, Spend, Withdraw, Deposit, or Store your funds all from the comfort of your easy to use mobile application.

Innovative Security Methods

Bitcoin Air implements Hybrid Dynamic Proof of Stake/Proof of Work consensus to stop the potential replay attacks, double spending, and 51% attacks that could happen within the blockchain. While maintaining user privacy, anonymity, and security, Bitcoin Air maintains the side chain reserve system through trust-less consensus and irreversible mint/burn protocols that ensure no fowl play can take place.


Bitcoin Air has one goal to unify the world through safe, secure, and transparent payments. Decentralizing the overall power of value and returning it to the people through the Blockchain.



Create a secure mobile payments application (NFC) that can interact with all payment terminals world wide. Implement a secure anonymous offshore data vault for immediate deposit and retrieval of funds through ring tokens. Ultimately allowing for a secure anonymous payment solution via mobile application.



Bitcoin Air values privacy, security, integrity, and power to the people. We feel any and all decisions guiding a communities path should be up to the people themselves. The only thing we should ever ensure is the security and privacy of our community. This in turn brings us to our value of integrity. Ensuring that we are transparent with you all and maintain the same truths to ourselves as we do you our people!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Air?

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral merge fork joining together the communities and source codes of 3 amazing coins to create a super community dedicated to the usage and growth of a universal lightweight payments system for day to day use. Bitcoin Air will operate with a dual chain method unique to it’s algorithm and use case. This dual chain will operate as both a payments and reserves system while allowing each user to create their own fiat system as well.

The best way to find out exactly what Bitcoin Air is, is to read our articles and short paper!

How does an airdrop/fork work?

An airdrop is a fairly simple process where the development team handles most of the difficult tasks and makes it as easy as “sweeping” your private key when the wallet is released.

The process begins by you sending out all of your balance in the private key you held through the snapshot, to a safe and separate wallet address. You will then continue to take the empty private key address, and import it into the Bitcoin Air Wallet. This will conduct a sweep for the correct balance ratio at the time of the snapshot, and it will add it to your balance immediately! 

What coins will you be forking?

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral merge fork between Bitcoin ($BTC), Peercoin ($PPC), and Haven Protocol ($XHV). Bitcoin and Peercoin will be merged together to form the Bitcoin Air ($XAP) end of the dual chain, while Haven Protocol holders will fork to create the Air Protocol ($USDAP) end of the dual chain.

Where do I need to store my coins before the snapshot?

For Haven Protocol Holders, you MUST hold your $XHV off of exchange and in your desktop wallet.

Peercoin and Bitcoin Holders will be addressed at a later date. For now, consider it as you need to hold your coins in your desktop wallet, or any wallet that you have access to your private keys within.

Are you associated with Peercoin or Haven Protocol?

We are in no way associated with the Peercoin Foundation, Peercoin Development Team, or Haven Protocol Development Team. We are our own separately funded and developed team that is pursuing completely separate use cases.

Which coin will be available on exchanges? USDAP or XAP?

There are 3 ways you can get USDAP:

1. Be a merchant that accepts Bitcoin Air via payment protocol, and it will automatically be converted into USDAP when a payment is accepted to avoid volatility.
2. Burn your Bitcoin Air and mint USDAP within the wallet, which you can then burn back and mint into Bitcoin Air. You can also convert it into AirCash.
3. Receive AirCash ($USDAP) in person from another person and sweep it into your wallet.

USDAP will not be sendable to each person. It will only be able to be minted/burned and then able to be exchanged via a paper fiat code called AirCash that can be swept into your wallet balance. It will not be available for purchase on exchanges

When is the fork date?

The date of the snapshot/fork will be announced around mid August.

Who is creating this fork?

The Bitcoin Air team is a wide spread culturally diverse development team dedicated to providing a ground breaking product through Non-ICO, Non-VC funding directly from private partners all who are dedicated to the community and people alike. The team section can be found in our navigation and will highlight the teams placements and qualifications alike!

Bitcoin Air Resources

Official Block Explorer

Bitcoin Air Explorer: (Under Development)



You can keep an eye out for our upcoming fork details. Bitcoin Air will be a merge fork between Haven Protocol (XHV) and Peercoin/Bitcoin (PPC and BTC). Haven Protocol Holders will receive USDAP, and Bitcoin/Peercoin Holders will receive XAP.